Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New wireless Panasonic TZ50 shown at PIE 2008 in Japan

Oops, we forgot about this one! Lost in the shuffle of the other announcements at PIE 2008 was the Panasonic TZ50. That's right, that's not a typo in the model name, it's a new camera model, the DMC-TZ50. It is a wireless version of the Panasonic TZ5. As you may recall Panasonic showed an wireless work in progress teaser at CES 2008. Now the teaser becomes more concrete, namely the TZ50.

More computer-translated details at Panasonic Japan. But before you bang on the drums of this model taking over the world, be sure to check the initial monthly product output, it is only one thousand units per month, and only available in silver. It puts the "E" in experimental :)

More on the PIE 2008 trade show at our favorite Japanaese site

Panasonic TZ50 discussions on the web
Engadget picks up the story from Impress. Also posted at

And for those who like to read specs, Camera Town has assembled the basic specs of the Tz50.

For more on the Panasonic cameras including the new FX500, be sure to check what the Lumixians are discussing this in the dpreview Panasonic forum.

Pre-ordering the Panasonic TZ50
The TZ50 is available for pre-ordering at Amazon for the starting price of $450. Amazon has an initial release date estimate of June 20, 2008. Currently only available in silver!

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