Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Noisy Round-up: The hot stories of the week (so far)

We've had a number of important updates that sneaked in this week, so this is a good time to do a quick recap. First up, Olympus surprised us all when they sneaked in a new DSLR in the middle of the night. The new DSLR, the Olympus E420, replaces the E410 in size, but uses the new 10mp LiveMOS sensor. More details.

Meanwhile the buzz continues after Sigma founder's interview with UK magazine Amateur Photographer Informer made its way to the internets. Sigma is not only planning a new Sigma SD15 DSLR for 2008, but also two new DP-series models, and according to the Sigma founder, one may even have a zoom lens. The DP2 and DP3 are thought to be complimentary to the DP1, so this is definitely an interesting development.

Meanwhile the Sigma DP1 mania continues with more pictures and reviews becoming available to the photo-blogo-sphere. You can catch-up with everything we wrote about it by reading all the posts with the Sigma DP1 mania tag. Or you can get the most recent update, in yesterday's post, The Audacity of (Foveon) Hope.

From Japan, the latest CIPA numbers for January 2008 show an increase in both shipments and production, which is of course always a good thing :)

On the blogging front, we added a new "Noisy Headlines" segment at the top of the blog that features the latest impact stories, along with the newest cameras announced. Be sure to check all the digital cameras announced in 2008 so far. And it's over 100 already, and we are not even counting the "generics"!

And speaking of blogging matters, our sister blog, RAWsumer has switched to a full-text RSS feed. Here at 1001 Noisy we are currently syndicating a short-feed because of sploggers and MFAs. We'll eventually go to a full-text feed, but we are not sure when just yet.

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