Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Noisy Shopper: Because the credit card wants to be scratched

Welcome to another edition of the Noisy Shopper! In today's episode, we have the following. If there any items you would like to see featured here, let us know. But our magic powers are limited, we cannot "create" great deals on the fly.

What?Where?So what?
Nikon D200 + gripCameta on AmazonThe D200 sits between the D80 and the D300 and despite its age, it offers a trade-off in terms of price and features for those who want more than the D80, but don't want to pay D300 money. The offer at $1380 includes the D200 body only, the MB-D200 battery grip, and an extra Nikon EN-EL3e battery.
Sony A700 with 16-105 DT lensOneCall.comSony has created the alphabet soup with their DSLRs, but their more expensive model, the A700 is offered by OneCall.com, along with the versatile 16-105 DT lens (which was recently reviewed) for $1610 and free 3-day Fed-Ex shipping.
Lexar 1gb CF 80x Platinum IIAdorama$18 will "refresh" your memory ;-)
Sony H7 + bonus itemsCameta on AmazonCameta is offering the H7 along with an assortment of accessories, some borderline trinkets, for the one price of $350. The useful staff includes a 2gb Lexar Memorystick, camera case and USB MS card reader. The trinkets? Mini-tripod, storage wallet and cleaning cloth.
Battlestar Galactica DVDsAmazonToday only (Tuesday), Amazon has a Gold Box special on the Season 2 and Season 2.5 DVD sets, for $25 per set. How is this even remotely related to photography? The show does have some nice photography in their non-CGI outdoor scenes, as it is filmed in the very photogenic British Columbia. Also of photojournalism and film interest, they present the show as if it was a live news event, with *gasp* simulated film grain (NOISE?), camera shake and jerky camera movement as part of their plan to simulate a news or documentary crew. ($25 is the magic price that gets you free shipping at Amazon).

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