Monday, March 31, 2008

Noisy Shopper: Carpe Specials at Adorama

Hello Noisy Shoppers! We are helping you get a step closer to bankruptcy with this post ;-) All apologies in advance!

Zoom Zoom!
Adorama is offering the silver edition of the Panasonic FZ50 for just $430. If you are not allergic to the it-came-from-space silver, this is a good price as the FZ50 is starting to dry out in terms of supply, and no one knows what Panasonic is planning to do with their "bigger" super-zooms. Will they get absorbed by the DSLRs and the FZ18-replacement? Will they get revitalized with a potential FZ60 or FZ80, or perhaps go wide with a FZ55? We have no clue. For reviews of the FZ50, be sure to check the super zoom review matrix.

The Year of the Sleekster?
Free shipping adds to the temptation of the $220 Canon SD850 IS. This is the model that does not start at wide angle, but if that's not an issue, the price is definitely right, if you do not object to getting a *gasp* 2007 model. If you prefer wide-angle Elves, try Lord of the Rings, or the SD800-IS and SD870-IS :)

To offer fair and balanced coverage, we now have to talk about a Nikon. When it comes to Canon vs Nikon, we are almost as fair as balanced as Hannity and Colmes ;-) The 12 megapixel Nikon S700 is offered at $249 with free shipping. For those who like to buy cameras the same way they buy groceries, it comes out to $20.75 per pound megapixel. That's like buying rare coffee beans from high quality growers!

Are you a mobile pack-rat? If yes, take a look at the Kata DR-467 Digital Rucksack which fits two DSLRs with mounted lenses, 3-4 lenses, a laptop and a few more items. And you get a free pair of sunglasses too. I kid you not!

Don't eat the memory chips! Feed them to your camera instead ;-) Silliness aside, the 2gb Sandisk Ultra II SD card is offered for $20 and free shipping too! This is a 60x card. No rebates!

And some software, the DxO Optics Pro v 4.2, Elite Edition Photo Enhancing Software package is offered for $230, but that's not all. You can download the 4.5 version for free online, and you will also receive a free upgrade to 5.0 when it gets released. If you are a software reviewer, this is a great pathway, as you can review three software versions for the price of one :)

Also, don't forget, Adorama is offering specials on prints, 99c for 8x10s and $4.95 for 16x20s! Now you can print those pixel-peep'ed pictures and start dot-peeping :)

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