Monday, March 3, 2008

Noisy Shopper: Panasonic FX35 is shipping! (was: The Force is with you, Nikon S200)

The bargain price force that is! J&R World upon Amazon is offering it for $140. This is a LiIon-based compact, with the typical 7mp sensor, 3x optical zoom, 2.5" LCD, face detection, and such, with a sleek all-metal design. Of course it's an older model, which is why it's on sale.

The Panasonic FX35 has started shipping! That's right, the new Panasonic wide angle starting at 25mm is now shipping from the Amazon. No, not the great river, but the online superstore ;-) The price is all over the place, depending on color and seller. The blue FX35 is currently at $297, while the silver and black are $320 each.

Meanwhile the Nikon D60 is now shipping from Cameta on Amazon for $750. This includes the new 18-55 DX VR kit lens.

Funny how once sensor-shift stabilization became standard on Sony, Pentax and Olympus dSLRs, Canon and Nikon all of a sudden "discovered" technology that allowed them to make "affordable" VR kit lenses. We blog, you decide!

Meanwhile the silver Panasonic Tz3 is down to $225 at Amazon, and the low price made it jump into the Top 25.

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