Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Noisy Shopper: Fuji S100fd shipping, Calumet $15 off, and other stories

Welcome to another edition of the Noisy Shopper. In today's installment we have shipping news, among other things.

What?Where?So what?
Dell Inspiron 530 desktopDellOne day special for this affordable workhorse desktop. Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor, 3gb memory, and 500 GB disk. Price: $500 (expires late night Thursday), available with Windows XP or Windows Vista
$15 off $100+ purchaseCalumet PhotoIf you shop through the special affiliate link in this post, you will receive $15 off a purchase over $100, along with free shipping for orders over $75. Whether you are planning to get a new DSLR or lens, or if you are a fatwallet-type thrifty shopper who likes to buy the minimum amount to get the special offer, as long as it's $100+, you get $15 off. Calumet Photo clarifies that the discount will not show in the shopping cart, but in the confirmation email with the order details. You have until the end of the month to take advantage of this Calumet offer.
Fuji S100fsB&H PhotoThe highly anticipated Fuji S100fs is finally shipping in the USA! More details in yesterday's post.
Case Logic SLRC-1 holster caseAmazon$19 is all you pay for this black/grey camera holster case at Amazon. Free shipping if the total order tips over $25.
Sigma SD14 body onlyAmazonThe Foveon Strikes Back? Following the Sigma DP1 mania there has been some resurgence of the Foveon! Fear the Foveon! The SD14, which will be replaced by the SD15 later this year (according to the Sigma founder (via AP UK)) is offered by Cameta Cameras on Amazon for $600.

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