Monday, March 10, 2008

Now publishing a full-text RSS feed!

Forgive the temporary giant orange boldovision promo at the top of the blog, but we have just switched from a short-text feed to a full-text RSS feed! Hooray! This will give our readers more flexibility, as they can read the blog using their browsers or their favorite online or stand-alone newsreaders. One more reason to  subscribe to our full-text RSS feed!

The feed is burnt using Feedburner, which makes it compatible with both RSS and Atom feeds. You can use online readers such as Google Reader and Bloglines, or stand-alone desktop reader applications such as Net News Fire and FeedDemon (both free now), or mobile reader applications for your mobile devices.

If you are not sure familiar with RSS feeds and such, be sure to check this nice introductory post at ProBlogger.

We only have 10 trillion subscriptions available, so don't hurry up, supplies are not limited ;-)

Apart from the whole-blog full-text feed, we also have two sub-feeds, one that only publishes new digital camera announcements, and one that includes all the "noisy shopper" posts for our readers with itchy credit cards :) If you subscribe to the main feed you get everything!

Main Feed

New Cameras
New Camera

Noisy Shopper
Shopping only

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