Monday, March 24, 2008

Now shipping: Blue Sony Cybershot W120

We have some late night shipping news for you! The light-Smurf version of the Sony W120 is now shipping from Vanns on Amazon. Vanns is a reputable online retailer located in the state of Montana. The price? A mere $190, but you have to also factor in the additional cost of Memorysticks (over SD/MMC), and the extra LiIon batteries if you want to have more than just the one battery that comes with the camera.

Sony W120 spotlight reviews
Even though it is a new camera, announced in January, the W120 has been reviewed already by a number of places, including Steve's Digicams. Here is a teaser from Steve's conclusions: " This model offers powerful features at an affordable price."

And just a couple of weeks ago there was a review by Greenwalt at CNeT, where it went through the usual CNet testing cycle, including the graphs that measure some of the operational aspects of the camera performance.

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