Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Now shipping: Panasonic TZ5 blue at OneCall

We have some shipping news! Well, no, this has not turned into a blog about Ships, and the rumors of Julie, Isaac and Captain "Picard" taking over this blog are completely unfounded! We are talking about the highly anticipated Panasonic TZ5, the blue version, shipping from OneCall.com for the list price of $350 and with free 3-day FedEx shipping.

Only the blue color is shipping, the black color is in pre-order mode. Not sure why the blue goes first, maybe the blue paint dries faster :)

Be sure to check our coverage of the TZ5 leak and announcement, way back in ...January 2008.

Don't you forget about me: Panasonic TZ4 also shipping!
The robin of the dynamic TZ5/TZ4 duo is also shipping from OneCall.com. The Robin of course being the TZ4 black finish. The price is $300 plus $7.50 for USPS Priority Mail. You see, when you are Batman, you get extra benefits like free 3-day FedEx shipping. But if you are Robin, you have to "fly USPS" and pay for it too ;-)

You can check our coverage of the TZ4 leak-troduction in January 2008. What is a "leak-troduction"? Check the 1001 Noisy Terms to find out :)

And if all the new Panasonic announcements in 2008 have gotten out of hand, here is a summary.

What are they saying about these cameras?
Lots of discussions, particularly on the TZ5, at the Panasonic Talk dpreview forum, your #1 destination for Panasonic Talk Radio.

CNet has a video on the TZ5. Video about the camera that is, not video taken with the camera. Although we do not know how they took the video :)

Pop Photo got their glossy fingers on a unit, and posted a hands-on preview.

A quick hands-on preview at InfoSyncWorld. Note however that this site is loaded with Flash!

If you are annoyed by Flash, be sure to read our rant on Flash and how to take control over Flash in your browser and prevent it from wasting your computing resources. Thank you Firefox and Friends :)

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