Thursday, March 6, 2008

Now Shipping: Pentax A40 and Panasonic LZ8

We took a dive into the Great River, and noticed that the Pentax A40 and Panasonic LZ8 are now shipping and are generating some buzz in the Amazon marketplace.

As you may recall, the Optio A40 was supposed to ship in late 2007, but an unforgettable fire (U2 reference?) at a Matsushita factory in Japan delayed its launch until now. The Matsushita factory was making the LiIon battery used by the A40. AA proponents will point out that if the camera was using AA instead of LiIon, there would have been no delay. But that's a debate for another day.

The price at Amazon for the Pentax A40 is $278 with free shipping, while the Panasonic LZ8 goes for $180 with free shipping and "handeling" ;-) There are no bonus items offered for either, which is typical for newly released cameras.

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