Friday, March 7, 2008

Now Shipping: Pentax K200D and Fuji F100fd

As you can see, it is shipping season! The waves and waves of new cameras announced in January 2008 are starting to ship one by one. This is causing the list of pre-orders to shrink, which is music to the ears of potential buyers!

And without further ado, the Pentax K200D is now shipping at Amazon, for $700 body only, with free shipping. Also available is the K200d with 18-55 DA kit lens for $800 and free shipping. For more on the K200d, be sure to check our announcement coverage.

For a list of DSLR reviews and previews be sure to check the DSLR Review Matrix Cluster.

Also Shipping: Fuji F100fd and lots more
Also shipping at Amazon via Beach Camera is the Fuji F100fd, currently at the list price of $380. As you may recall the F100fd was a heavily discussed camera, as some SuperCCD fans lamented the fact that Fuji did not offer RAW and more photographer-friendly features on this model. But ultimately, we can only buy what is made, which leads to compromises. And with the exception perhaps of the Nikon D3, every other purchase is a compromise :) [now I've all lost all the Canon readers].

Meanwhile Adorama is listing the Canon A580 as shipping for $134. The A580 replaces the A560, and it is the Robin of the dynamic duo, A560 and A570IS was the 2007 duo, A580 and A590-IS is the 2008 duo. We personally recommend the IS model, unless you are not a fan of IS, or your purchase has a strict budget.

Recapping the recent new shipments
Also shipping were the Pentax A40 and Panasonic LZ8, along with the lovely 25mm Panasonic FX35. Also shipping recently were the Pentax K20D and the Nikon D60 DSLRs.

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