Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Open Medium Format platform by Mamiya and Phase One makes waves in the blogosphere

We mentioned this in garbled computer-translated J2E text last week. Now the news is available in understandable english, as Phase One and Mamiya post official press releases in english. What are the news you ask?

Those two companies combine to offer an open medium format digital camera platform. Open you ask? What, have they been sniffing Linux leaves? This will surely draw the (f)ire of the SLR Traditionalist Manufacturers because it threatens the status quo and their entrenchment in the past. Folks, wake up, the SLR Wars were so 80s, now it's all about open systems :)

The USA press release can be found at the Imaging Insider. The model names, for the clones are Phase One 645 Camera or the Mamiya 645AFDIII.

We could be misreading the press release but apparently it says that they will be sold exclusively by those two manufacturers. I'm sure B&H Photo, Calumet, Adorama, and friends will be "thrilled" by the news, if that is indeed the case. Or it could be a poorly written press release?

The story, probably partially because of the magic keyword "OPEN", has generated a lot of buzz in the blogosphere. Not just the places who traditionally cover medium format photography, but also the digital camera review sites as well.

Let's see some of those stories. First up, Dan Havlik of PDN Pulse has a brief comment on the announcement. Brief because very little is actually known about the new camera.

Also picked up by the Adorama News Desk, and Imaging Resource has a giant picture of the camera. Pricing is not available. Expect to give up at least a fully loaded mid-size car with customizations ;-)

And directly from the horse's mouth (this line works better with Horseman products), details at

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