Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Photography Soup (Scandalous Tuesday March 11, 2008)

Why is everyone "hating on" 4/3rds? dpreview forum discussion.

Ricoh is cutting some "glossy trees" to showcase works of four photographers using the GX100. More at RAWsumer.

Ryan Brenizer has five tips for those shooting for photobooks. But even if you are not shooting for photobooks, the tips can be helpful to your everyday photography as well.

Amateur Photographer UK, the leader in camera scoop of 2008, has a new update on Leica! The new Leica chief talks to a German website about the future. Be sure to check our previous Leica CEO firing coverage. Direct link to Handelblatt interview, in english.

Crack the piggy-bank! A Photo Editor spots Ansel Adams prints auctioned.

There's a new planning update for the upcoming shootout at Amin Foto. It will be the Sigma DP1 versus ??? Read on to find out!

The latest Adorama 100-in-100-II has a new tip, move closer, and no, they are not singing the Phyllis Nelson song ;-)

The Luminous Landscape Endowment receipients are reveled! More at the Insider.

The RRD blog has discovered ... Photoshop disasters. Are they talking about my Hello Kitty VX200 QVGA poster-size gallery? :)

Check the latest roundup at the PDN Pulse blog: The Photo Feed. Also from PDN Pulse, the fate of Multimediashooter.com.

There's a new episode of Photoshop User TV: #124. Watch the three Photoshop Guys share tips and ideas on Photoshop. Among the topics in this episode: demos, news, and tutorials. Our favorite episode? #123!. That's the episode where they open the hatch and discover... Ooops, that's Lost :)

For book fans, there is an upcoming edition of the Photography Soup that will spotlight books!

If you are looking for good news somewhere out there, the bulls rallying as the Fed injects liquidity.

You can spend those profits at Amazon, on the deal of the day, the Genius MousePen 8X6 Graphic Tablet for $40, and free S&H. The price is only good for today.

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