Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Photography Soup (Wednesday March 26, 2008)

Welcome to another edition of the hand-crafted Photography Soup. The hand-crafted artisan edition of the Photography soup is different from the new "digital" edition we are experimenting with.

We start with FREE. Did that get your attention? Now look under your chairs, dear readers! You will find a brand new Nikon D3 waiting for you! Courtesy of the 1001 Noisy Oprahs ;-)

Okay, a free Nikon D3 for every reader is not feasible. It's too hard to find four Nikon D3 units in-stock ;-) But we do have something free and readily available: The blog A Photo Editor is having a promotion where you can submit two of your favorite pictures to their flickr group and get exposure. A Photo Editor was indeed a former editor in the magazine business, so he and some of his blog readers are likely to be a very good target audience for your photographic works.

And speaking of which, David Ziser reflects on reflections in his weekly Technique Tuesday column. Since this is a blog, and some of the blogging services have theme songs for each post, we propose this theme song for this post: "True Reflections" by the Dave Matthews Band.

Meanwhile the Nikonians are on location again. Canon cameras not included? :) Speaking of Nikonians, be sure to note that is planned maintenance on Friday.

The Online Photographer has a challenge out there for all the online editors. Size up the upcoming Sony Alpha A900. Photoshop skillz a must, but if you can do it in IrfanView or Paintshop Pro or ACDSee no one is going to object :)

Plenty of new stories at the Imaging Insider, here are two of our favorites: Play CSI with Photoshop, and eat these photography tips.

Ken Rockwell has a new lens-themed post on the Nikon 85mm and bokeh.

PhotoCompete, a blog devoted to photographic competitions, is talking about the 17th annual juried photography show. That and many more competitions listed there, so be sure to visit early and often.

If you are tired of Client #9 and his "friend", then perhaps you can revisit the french President and his "friend" saga. Her nude picture(s) will be auctioned says the PDN Pulse blog.

Nikon Watch discusses the upcoming Sony A900 and wonders "where is my Nikon D3x?" << Insert Dennis Kucinich pocket joke here >>

We could go on for pages and pages but we have to stop at some point :) One last item, an infra-red filter guide by Joe Farace at the Adorama News Desk.

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