Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rant: Tired of aimless Flash animations wasting your computer resources?

I know I am! For every worthy or practical Flash animation, there are 10,000 worthless animations that are wasting a computer's memory, processing power, graphics power, and bandwidth.

You can uninstall the crappy failing Flash (who came up with the stupid Flash idea anyway?). But in some cases, your browser may be bothering you and asking (or trying) to install Flash every time it sees a Flash animation.

There is a more advanced solution: Block it! There's a few different ways to do this, I am using the first one that I found via googling: Flashblock for Mozilla.

The Flashblock add-on will "handle it" for you! Instead of wasting your computer resources, Flash will be reduced to a placeholder. If you do wish to download and play a particular Flash animation, you can manually elect to do so.

As a test for this, check the Macromedia About page for Flash before and after. It shows three placeholders after installing Flashblock. Whoo hoo! :-)

Whoever designed Flashblock, THANK YOU!

But we are not the only ones talking about this! Here is a practical example at Foto-Biz on how Flash-only can actually hurt your business.


mrsfixit said...

I have been using Firefox for years, and I couldn't live without it. Flashblock is one of my favorite extensions, along with AdBlock and NoScript. And ForecastFox if you're a weather junkie like me... ;-)

I honestly don't know how people can stand to surf with IE- it shows everything. It annoys you incessantly.

It's not only pages with Flash, but pages with unwanted music that thoroughly irritate me. Firefox takes care of all these nuisances.

And for those pages that absolutely require IE- the "IE Tab" add-on allows you to switch rendering engines to IE without leaving Firefox.

Gotta love open source... LOL

When Linux gets to the point where it's as friendly and useful as Firefox it's adios Windoze... ;-)))

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks Mrs Fix It! I'll check out the other extensions you mentioned! The "IE tab" sounds nice too.

And with Netscape officially going away, the few remaining Netscape refugees will probably shift to Firefox.

Eventually Linux will get there! Now that Google is "helping" it with Photoshop.