Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Reader Picture Showcase (via Flickr Group)

This post showcases pictures from our Reader's Flickr Group and Flickr pool. More details about the Flickr group and how to join. It's real easy, especially for Flickr users. And now the pictures, chosen at random by the Flickr computers:

You can also watch a slideshow of the pictures from the group. This is Flash-based and slow(er) on slow(er) connections. We also added this Flickr badge to the Netvibes page for this blog.

If you are not familiar with flickr, the pictures are submitted by their owners (persons who uploaded them on flickr) to this blog's flickr pool. From there, a standard Flickr widget randomly picks pictures from the pool and displays them here. We do not store the submitted pictures on this blog or anywhere else. The flickr pool was created for this specific purpose.

If you are reading this through an RSS newsreader, the pictures will not be displayed, because RSS readers do not support Javascript widgets. Please visit the blog page or the Flickr group or the slideshow mentioned above.

Any other photo sharing sites to add to this feature? Let us know!

Special Update! We have now surpassed 1000 pictures in the Flickr pool! Thanks to everyone submitting pictures. Here is picture #1000, titled "Rain", a semi-atmospheric b+w picture inside a misty restaurant in Hidden Valley, taken by Paul Perton with a Leica D-Lux 3.

We will have more promotions of the Flickr pool when there is a break in the Photokina action. We are planning to pick a favorite picture from each member who submitted pictures. With 70+ members, it means we'll have to pick 70+ pictures, so we'll do this in upcoming Photography Soup episodes.

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