Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sample pictures from the Canon Digital Rebel XSi and Nikon D60 at Imaging Resource

Imaging Resource has posted Digital Rebel XSi sample pictures in the build-up towards their upcoming review of the XSi (450D). There lots and lots of pixel-peeping samples, there for (y)our pixel-peeping enjoyment. Here they are together, in a nice thumbnail set. There are pictures there ranging from ISO 100 to ISO 1600.

As you may recall, just a couple of days ago, dpreview posted their own sample pictures from the 450D. dpreview has "just added" high ISO noise reduction samples. Was Monet invited to the party or is he a permanent guest at the Matsushita mansion? We blog, you decide :)

To relive the announcement of the XSi (450D), be sure to check our announcement coverage.

At the risk of causing a full blown Canon vs Nikon war, we are using this Canon-themed post to note that Imaging Resource has posted sample pictures from the Nikon D60. So we can expect a D60 review coming up from I&R in the next days or weeks.

Coverage of the Nikon D60 announcement and leakage here at 1001 Noisy.

As always, we won't be commenting on the sample pictures, so as not to introduce any bias in the tender period of "first sample pictures revealed from a new camera".

PS> Rejected title for this blog post: "Rebel, Rebel, your samples are a mess?" Rejected because people not familiar with 70s rock and roll music might have thought that we were trashing the new Digital Rebel XSi, and that could have caused an unnecessary kerfuffle.

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