Thursday, March 6, 2008

Top sellers at Amazon (The Charts)

We have more excitement for funs of our regular feature, the Charts! A new installment of the Amazon best sellers. And we have some excitement today, as the Canon G9 price hike gets the Canon G9 out of the top 10, while the announcement of the new Olympus E420 may have caused the E510 2-lens kit a drop.

We are having technical difficulties with the picture upload feature, so today's teaser will be in the form of *gasp* TEXT!

12 12 Panasonic TZ3K $230 Vanns
09 13 Canon G9 [Drop!] $460, J&R World
16 14 Kodak C613 $87
17 15 Panasonic FZ18K $312

For the whole top 25, be sure to visit the latest Amazon top sellers Camera Chart.

The Canon 40D is the most expensive camera in the top 25 right now, while the Sony H3 is building up momentum for a jump in the top 25. Also coming soon to the top 25 will be the blue Canon SD1100 IS as it is now shipping.

Also of interest, on the strength of pre-orders, the Sigma DP1 is currently at #54!

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