Monday, March 17, 2008

V, The Final Battle: Pentax introduces the Optio V20

Pentax has just introduced a new V-series model, the Optio V20.

Meet the Pentax Optio V20
The new lovely has an 8mp 1/2.35" sensor, a 5x optical zoom lens with a pedestrian 36-180mm equivalent focal range, and a list price of $280. And if that sounds appetizing, Imaging Resource has a preview. This model does not have sensor-shift or optical image stabilization, but the specs do mention "digital image stabilization", which uses smoke and mirrors to prevent shake (No actual smoke or actual mirrors as far as we know).

Live preview, settings and pictures taken are all showcased on a 3" LCD display, which is good news for fans of bigger displays. The power is LiIon-based, so if there's a factory fire, you are out of luck ;-)

Needless to say it has all the latest consumer-superstore features, such as Smile Capture, Blink Detection. We were disappointed that Fart Detection was not included ;-)

Pre-ordering the Pentax Optio V20
Amazon seems to be in lockstep with the marketing departments, because the Optio V20 is available for pre-order for $280 and free shipping. Amazon lists a shipping date of May 31st, but the Great River tends to be conservative most of the time on release dates.

Coverage on the net
Imaging Resource carries the Pentax USA press release, while dpnow has the Pentax UK press release. And if you want to hear it straight from the horses mouth, here is the Pentax Imaging release.

Of the gadget blogs, CNet's Crave chimes in on the new release.

General Opinion
The new V20 has been added to our list of 108 new digital cameras of 2008. Which one is your favorite?

Sadly, of that list, 99 of them are not DSLRs, and of those, only four support RAW. What a sad state of affairs with regards to RAW! Shame on you camera companies! Or should I start calling you webcam companies? :)

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