Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Vote your favorite April Fool's day digital camera rumor (updated)

It's April 1st in some parts of the world already! Let's create some fictional cameras and put them to a vote! Why vote? For fun of course :)

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Please keep in mind all the cameras posted here are April Fool's Day Speculations, posted for entertainment purposes only! Don't call your favorite retailer and ask for a pre-order :) Having said that, just because it's speculation here, it doesn't mean it won't be released!

Let's meet the April Fool's Day cameras!

Canon 5D Mark II: Canon strikes back with a camera that take the Nikon D300 head-on, but only costs $3000. The 5D Mark II offers excellent noise performance that rivals the D3, and but at the same time remains a step below the 1D-lineup in some key categories so as not to completely cannibalize their sales.

Nikon D300x: In typical Nikon fashion, the mid-tier model takes on some of the features of the higher tier model, and this time the D300X grabs the 35mm full frame sensor of the D3. Designed to pack a punch but at the same time not completely cannibalize D3 sales, and at the same time, fight off the aggressive Canon 5D Mark II. This camera sits right between the Nikon D3/D300 dynamic duo and generates more Nikon hysteria, with DSLR users fainting in camera stores when they touch the new D300x ;-)

Nikon D3X: The 35mm full frame flagship the high-res users have been waiting for. Canon 1Ds Mark III, you are no longer the King of the Hill. Move over, the Nikon D3X beats you in resolution, features and noise! And it's priced at just $7500.

Pentax K1D: Pentax grabs the Kodak sensor that was destined for the frozen 645D, and chips off the edges, and voila, a full frame CCD sensor for their first ever post-APS-C Pentax digital camera that will actually get released! The camera is said to beat all current and future DSLRs in resolution because of a secret feature. We don't know the secret feature, which says a lot given that this is a made up April Fool's Day camera :)

Olympus DOM-1: Olympus issues an apology to all OM users, and the Olympus CEO posts an apology message in the Olympus SLR Talk dpreview forum to long-time OM users, lamenting the decision to abandon their favorite format many years ago. The new DOM-1 will be a 35mm full frame DSLR and will feature a compatibility mode so Four Thirds users can continue to use their 4/3rds lenses with the new full frame line. Similar to the cropped mode offered by the Nikon D3 and Nikon D2X.

Fuji S10: Fuji bravely tries to blast the medium format digital backs out of the sky with an AMAZING SuperCCD-SR 35mm full frame sensor that makes grown men cry when they see the output from its sensor. Rumor has it that the dynamic range and resolution are so amazing that you can create a poster that wraps around the Statue of Liberty and there is no pixelization when you look at it from 1 foot away! Amazing stuff! The price? $15,000!

Leica M10: Leica punts on the M9 name so as to get rid of the bad karma generated by the whole firing of CEO Steven Lee situation. The M10 is not only 35mm full frame, but is also designed as the first ever modular camera. But there is a heavy price tag for this, as the starting price is $10,000, and an annual subscription fee of $1,000 so you can receive all hardware, firmware and software updates delivered to your door in a silver platter (literally!).

Ricoh Adaptall: Ricoh shocks the DSLR world when it releases an innovative and ground breaking three-tier modular system that allows you to use any lens you want on their Adaptall line of DSLRs. The revolutionary three tier system is designed so it can accommodate the differences in the different lens mounts (Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Pentax, Olympus, Sigma, etc), and bend the laws of physics too :)

Other: If you are voting for Other, or have a different fake camera to nominate, feel free to describe it in the Comments section! Or if you are a camera manufacturer and you are looking for a sneaky way to leak your new camera specs, this is a good place as you have the perfect cover of April Fool's Day ;-)

Other options posted so far: We are not sure why the "Other" options are not showing in the Poll results (this is our first PollDaddy poll), so we are listing them here as well: One was a full frame Nikon D40, and another was a Nikon D90. Also voted in the "Other" category were the mythical Pentax K1000, the Canon 4D, Yashica 2010, and Olympus E610. Also receiving multiple votes was the Sony A900, which we did not include because it has already been mentioned by Sony in development notices. The A900 is too real to be considered in this post :)

*** This is an April Fool's Day Post! ***

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Check my posting on the forthcoming Sony H50.



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