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Ad Tracker: Pop Photo (May 2008) - noteworthy ads!

If you are a fan of advertising and camera brands, you are reading the right post. In this post we browse through the latest issue (May 2008 edition) of the Popular Photography magazine and comment on the ads that caught our eye. Please note this is not a comprehensive listing of all the ads, but rather a noisy review of the ads.

Ad reviews
Pentaxians will be thrilled to open the magazine as they will find a two-page Pentax K20D ad facing them. Pentax once again scores points with a clever ad. Other than the silly "peddling inspiration", we love the last few Pentax ads we saw. This one has a glass of martini showering two K20D bodies. Olive is included. If you are buying a used or demo K20D on eBay, and it has the smell of martini, it may be the one used in the ad shoot ;-)

Interestingly Sony has two separate Alpha System ads, but the model names are not mentioned. One features the back of a body and the other the lens lineup group hug picture. Perhaps Sony did not want their four current and one upcoming DSLRs to feel jealous, so they did not feature an individual model? :) We don't really follow the logic of "HDNA", but the HDNA logo is quite nice and eye-catching. Also from Sony a one-page ad promoting their upcoming Digital Days workshops.

Nikon has a three-page ad co-promoting the Mentor Series, and it's always nice to see photography ads filled with pictures, instead of marketing people thought-streams :)

Sigma has four indidivual ad pages and DP1 fans will be thrilled that their lovely new camera is featured (page 14) - missed the lucky 13 by one :) It's a good thing the ad features a stationary camera, and not shooting pictures of fast-moving objects (zinger alert!) Also featured in single-page ads are the SD14 DSLR, and APO 50-150mm f2.8 and APO 70-200 f2.8 lenses.

Tokina has a single-page ad featuring some of their lenses, with the AT-X 107 DX fish-eye getting the spotlight.

Not to be outdone, Tamron has two individual ad-pages, the inside back-cover featuring the new 28-300mm f3.5-6.3 Di VC lens, and one promoting their Photo Workshops of 2008. Lots of locations around the country and a cruise-workshop too.

Forget the DCS DSLR series! Kodak has a full-page ad for the new T-MAX 400 professional film. Film? film? film? The Earth cries every time a film is developed ;-)

As part of their tribute to Herbert Keppler, Pop Photo has created a special page featuring some of Keppler's memorable quotes.

Not an ad but of interest to some of our readers for sure, American Photo will be having a portfolio review for emerging photographers in their last issue of 2008 where anyone can submit their work for consideration. See page 41 in the magazine for this ad. As always be sure to read the rules/terms.

We tried to find this on their website (the ad-text just said ""), we even searched for it using their search engine, but could not find it. Oh magazines, will you ever "get" this strange thing called the Internet?

You can find this at your local newsstand or purchase this single issue (May 2008) at Amazon for $5. The single issues are eligible for the Amazon 4-for-3 promotion. You can also subscribe to the magazine with an annual subscription - current price is $14.

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