Thursday, April 17, 2008

Buzz: Nikon D3X name leak and Sony April 22nd Mystery!

The latest buzz revolves around two of the big names in the world of photography. The Nikon D3X was discovered buried deep inside the firmware (yes, people look there too), while Sony has been running mystery ads with a target date of April 22. We don't even know if the latter will be a new camera (video or still).

The April 22 Sony Mystery
This was picked up at Gizmodo. Not sure what this is but April 22nd is just around the corner, in fact one week from Tax Day. Sony has a funny sense of humor? :)

The Nikon D3X name leak
The Nikon D3X name leak originated in the dpreview forums and from there it managed to GOTO places NEAR and FAR (not talking about Assembly ;-)), such as Engagdet, Imaging Insider, Photography Bay, the Gadget Lab, and many more!

Of course this is not the first time, nor the last time that the D3X name comes up. As you may recall there was a wave of rumors around, and here's one of them at Nikon Watch, which we posted in early January 2008.

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