Sunday, April 6, 2008

Canon 1Ds Mark III new review at Let's Go Digital!

The Big Daddy of current DSLRs, the Canon 1Ds Mark III gets a brand new shiny review, at Let's Go Digital.

As always, we won't be revealing the conclusions of their review so as not to introduce any bias to the reading of the review! We simply just don't want to influence what people will think of this very expensive paperweight ;-)

This review has been added to the DSLR Review Matrix, where lots and lots of DSLR review links are compressed in a single page. The current list includes DSLRs from the last couple of years, and over time older DSLRs will be added.

A quick look around the internets shows that the 1DsMk3 is in-stock on Amazon (some featured sellers, not Amazon herself) and at Adorama, for the list price of $8000. B&H Photo currently lists it as back-ordered.

Please note that B&H Photo will be closed for the holidays (Passover) between April 18 to 27, 2008, so be sure to plan your orders ahead of time if you are a regular B&H shopper.

And please don't forget that shopping through our blog supports this noisy blog :) We don't want to repeat that with every post because then we will sound like a broken record iPod :)

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