Monday, April 14, 2008

Canon A590IS makes the Top 10, the D300 returns, and more (The Charts)

Welcome to another edition of our on-going soap-opera, the top selling digital camera charts at Amazon. In this installment, we have lots of excitement, as Canon continues to dominate and has yet another new entry, the A590-IS makes its first top 10 appearance en route to world domination, while the Nikon D300 makes yet another Top 25 return to grab the [Top Price] title from the Canon 40D with 28-135 EF lens. What exactly are they feeding the Amazon shoppers so they can afford to make $1000+ cameras top sellers? :)

Here is a screenshot teaser of the Top 25. For the whole top 25, and the ones right outside, be sure to check the latest Chart.

Top 25 Thoughts
As you can see, price is king when it comes to a market, not that that should be a surprise. Kodak is almost giving away the C613, which actually has a 3x optical zoom lens. So much for Kodak exiting the entry-level market??? Unless they consider the QVGA Hello Kitty $10 cams as the entry-level :)

Meanwhile the Canon A590-IS (pending more reviews) is set to become the bang of the buck digital camera of 2008. What else can you expect for $155? Manual exposure and image stabilization? Check! This is becoming the perfect camera for the recession. (All apologies for using the R-word without warning).

And while Canon continues to dominate, Nikonians will be thrilled to see the D300 re-enter the top 25, and grab the [Top Price] spot from the Canon 40D. And it is indeed amazing to see a $1800-ish camera sell so well.

And speaking of Canon domination, we now have three flavors of the Canon SD1100 in the Top 25, the brown is a new entry in this edition, joining the blue and silver.

On the outside looking in
Just outside the Top 25, the Sony W120, black finish, is making waves at $190, and it is set to enter the next Top 25 if it continues with its current momentum.

Also moving on up is the Canon SD890-IS, currently going for $356, and will likely be in the top 25 next time around.

Also bubbling around are the blue and black versions of the Panasonic TZ5, flirting with the "magic" $300 price level. Will they break out and crash the top 25? Will they be able to take out the Canon S5 IS as the top zoom? Come back next week to find out!

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