Thursday, April 17, 2008

Noisy at Nite (Canon DSLR Specials, Olympus SP-570uz review)

Welcome to the late night talk show edition of this blog, which we call Noisy at Nite! We couldn't afford Letterman or Leno so there is no host :)

We start with a brand new review of the Olympus SP-570uz, the 20x superzoom with RAW. The new review is posted at Wired's Gadget Blog. You can also vote or discuss the review at Reddit. As a quick refresher, here is the announcement coverage of the SP-570uz (January 2008).

Yes, Reddit is also the cute alien-looking thingy towards the top right column of this blog. It allows you to post/vote the current blog page you are reading at Reddit. Reddit also belongs to Wired, so we have now gone full-circle.

As always we won't spoil the findings of their review, but we are glad they are pointing out the Olympus stubborness with the xD memory card format!

Paparazzi special on the Daily Show
And it's only fitting that we talk about Comedy's Central late night talk show on ...Noisy at Nite! The Wednesday April 16, 2008 edition of the Daily Show (first airing at 11pm local time) had a five-minute feature on paparazzi with Daily Show correspondent Rob Riggle taking a close look at the life of paparazzi and also a legislator wanting to restrict and penalize their activities. As you can expect, this is a Comedy Show and in five minutes you can't possibly have a comprehensive discussion. But they did touch (albeit very briefly in many instances) on many of the issues. For example, Rob Riggle leaving his soul behind and then becoming a paparazzi for a day :)

Canon DSLR Specials: 1D Mark III and Canon 40D is having a trio of Canon DSLR specials that end on 4/20/08, or earlier if the feeding frenzy eats up their stock. The three DSLR kit specials are as follows...

The Canon 40D is getting even closer to triple figures. That's right, getting close to being under $1000! Give it another 2-3 months! But until then, you can get the Canon EOS 40D (Body only) for $1050 at OneCall. S&H starts at $15 for this kit.

If you prefer the kit with the EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens, the price is $1274, with free 3-day FedEx shipping. Also at

And further up the price ladder, the Canon EOS-1D Mark III (Body Only) for $4050 with free 3-day shipping. This is Canon's speedster model but it had been plagued with autofocus issues. How big were the issues is subject to glorious debate, but that, combined with the much more positive buzz generated for the Nikon D3 have titled the buzz-scales towards Nikon. But let's not kid ourselves, the 1D Mark III is a very powerful DSLR.

And speaking of which, you can check reviews of the 1D Mk III and other recent DSLRs in the DSLR Review Matrix, which is overdue for another update.

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