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Earth Day 2008

This was an impromptu idea that came up a couple of days ago when reading about Earth Day 2008! This post will be updated throughout the day with stories as we find them on the net. If you have any content you'd like featured, just let us know. It is never too late to submit it! One of the "green" benefits of not having to "print" a blog is that you can update it thousands and thousands of times :)

What is Earth Day?
What is Earth day you ask? Take a look at Wikipedia for some details.

Green Photographers
The Imaging Insider has a couple of "green stories", including Ten Tips for a green photographer.

Pentaxian author and fellow blogger Yvon Bourque has a round-up on green photography. There are some interesting comments there as well.

Pop Photo wrote in the Fall of 2007 a story on how to become a green photographer.

Every day is Earth Day for the bicycling photographer. Russ Roca is the bicycling eco-friendly photographer of Long Beach, 365 days a year.

Meanwhile a group has produced a "green photographer" PSA for the Chinese market. This is a Google Video clip.

Gill Moore has created a nicely designed front page to illustrate the commitment to "greenery".

This photographer specializes in green children photography. That is green photography of children, not green children from Mars.

If you are going to be near London on May 7, a wildlife photographer will give a talk at Covent Garden. Details at AP UK

And in case you thought green photographers are mythical creatures, here is evidence of at least one!

If you are using film, this is a good time to lock your doors and windows - the Green Police is coming to take your film and film SLRs :) But if you want to co-operate with the Green Police, you may want to take a look at Pop Photo's just posted tips for film photographers to go green.

Going Green
The Crafster blog has prepared their Earth Day special!. Crafster is a blog that as the name suggests, centers around arts and crafts!

While we have taken a vow of tech-talk abstinence for Earth Day 2008, we found a way to sneak this in. A potentially helpful camera for those who like to mix it up with the elements, and take pictures in wet, rough, dusty, and messy environments may be the just-announced Ricoh G600. We'll have our usual coverage of the new G600 tomorrow. Today we are going green!

The search engines have gone Earth-aware too, with new special logos for the day. Labnol has the details.

Forget Billy Idol and White Weddings! It's all about Green Weddings these days! Go Green! And if you go green and frugal, why rent a facility when you can have the reception under the trees? And why send formal invitations in the mail, when you can just tweet your wedding list?

And here's a tip for photographers who want to boost their business: Add "eco-friendly" to your website, blog, or business cards, and watch the bookings and rates sky-rocket! And if they ask for prints, just say "I am green!". (this is an attempt at a joke in case it wasn't obvious)

Stock sites are going green too. For example, shutterstock has lots of eco-friendliness. Reflex Stock too!

Ritz Camera has an offer to make you carbon neutral for a month. Can they make their prices MSRP-neutral for a month too? :)

Meanwhile Agfa announces a new green initiative as it looks towards "greener" days itself.

Love Earth is a new photo competition. Details at 11 or Photography Blog.

JMG Galleries celebrates Earth Day with Sea Nettle Jellyfish, thanks to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. BBQ anyone? :)

SciFi's DVice blog reports on new R&D work that promises bio-degradable plastic bags! Also discussed at Gizmodo and other places too!

Endless Years has spotted a story that helps us enjoy beautiful flowers in a photographic way.

From the "just missed it" department, the Ansel Adams Gallery featured an Earth Day walk on April 20. For more on the Ansel Adams gallery check their blog, which is the link in this paragraph.

The Flickr blog exposes the joy of freecycling. But if you are a freecycling pat-rack, be a responsible one and freecycle or recycle all the freebies that are piled up in your garage. You know who you are. Yes, you! ;-)

Deviant Art is having a versatile Earth Day special. Be sure to check it all out!

The EPA (yes, the EPA) is celebrating Earth Day with a photo contest. The winner receives a 1000-page custom-printed binder full of rules and regulations signed by all the EPA employees in soy ink ;-)

The Dell Small Business blog has some green work ideas. Buying a green Sony Vaio is probably not one of them ;-)

SciFi's DVice blog has ten easy ways to go green now. Our top ten list? Step #1: Wear a green t-shirt. Step #2: Visit your local juicery and get a shot of wheatgrass. Step #3: Change your name to Green. Need we say more? :)

Gizmodo takes exception with Dell's packaging materials. Everyone buy us a Dell laptop so we can investigate! Ubergizmo tackles over-packaging too.

CNet's Crave blog goes Star Trek with brain waves and solar power. We kid you not this time! More from CNet, they have created a green resource page.

This CNet blogger is raising the food cost flag. Green is good, but how about the rising food prices?

LifeHacker has some tips on greening up your computer. No, not painting it green, but "green tips". Lifehacker also helps us in finding our local freecycle groups. If it's free, I'll take three!

Guy Kawasaki's AllTop has created a special green edition and is collaborating with social browser Flock.com to give back 10% to green charities.

And something controversial and slightly more off-topic than the rest of the stories in this post, at Newsweek, by award-winning Fareed Zakaria.

Some pictures?
If you are an equipment-elitist, skip this paragraph now! Eject, eject! Here we go, pictures of paradise with a camera-phone. Digg it?

Out of millions of earth pictures, why show this? To show that the Earth matters more than the equipment :) And now a ten second pause for deep thoughts...

Earth-friendly Gadgets
At a meta-level, Amazon's Kindle tries to replace paper books with gadget-e-books! At a practical level, watch out for the Green Police taking away all your paper books :)

And you can power your gadgets with reusable/rechargeable AA/AAA batteries. Even more so, the ones that retain charge over time reduce the number of recharges for batteries that are not depleted regularly through organic (poor choice of a word here?) use.

Foveonoids will point out that you can save three pixels per pixel by going Foveonesque! Why pollute the environment with three Bayer pixels when you can use one Foveon pixel? (this is an attempt at a silly joke in case it wasn't obvious). And checking to see if anyone is actually reading this long and winding post :)

And while Googling around we found a self-appointed Eco-friendly photo backpack, the Lowepro Primus AW Environmentally Eco Friendly Photo Backpack in Arctic Blue, for around $200. Lowepro will donate a portion of their earnings from this to Polar Bears. We assume not directly :)

Solar, batteries, laptops and bluetooth. All that at Electronista, the gadget blog for geeks.

Sony Style is having a special Earth Day promotion that ends on May 2nd. Recycle your old notebook: Get up to $250 towards a new VAIO® notebook with the Sony Style Notebook Trade-in Program.

Earth appreciation Books
We are talking about actual books. One of our favorite "Earthie" books, and more so the accompanying documentary included in a DVD inside the book is the behind the scenes look by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, the photographer behind the "Earth from Above" series of photography books, projects and exhibits. The book is On Being a Photographer (hardcover).

Fans of mountains and photography have great respect for the late Galen Rowell's Mountain Light book, now 13 years after its initial publication.

Earth appreciation DVDs
Perhaps no other modern era TV series has captured the diversity of Planet Earth than the multi-part BBC series Planet Earth! Narrated by David Attenborough. Available in standard DVD, and high-def BluRay. And there's an accompanying book for the TV series.

Things you learn after searching for green stories
While googling around the internets to find "green" stories, we discovered that there are a lot, a lot, a lot of photographers named Green and Greene!

A small number of photographers design their websites as if their browser window is contractually obligated to grab a computer's whole and undivided resources. Think again fellow shutterbugs! Hogging the browser of an efficient multi-tasker with countless Flash, Java, and multimedia widgets is a cardinal sin and may cost one consideration when it really matters. It even did a couple of times for the purposes of this post.

Remember, people want to see your photographic work, not your Flash skills or your ability to hire a web-design guru and watch them go wild with waves and waves of fancy widgets :)

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