Sunday, April 20, 2008

Earth Day Special on Tuesday April 22 (submit your posts, stories, galleries, etc)

In honor of Earth Day 2008 (April 22), we are planning an Earth Day blog special. If you have written or you are planning to write any Earth-Day related posts, or if you have galleries/pictures that celebrate Earth Day, be sure to let us know and we will feature them in the upcoming giant Earth Day post on Tuesday! It could be as simple as a link to a gallery of pictures taken at a National Park, or as complicated as a link to a 30-page diatribe on protecting the Earth from ourselves. It's the Earth-thought that matters :)

You can also add/tag pictures in our flickr pool with the tag "earthday", and they will be presented in a Flickr badge in the upcoming special Earth day post, the same way our Reader showcase is presented. You can do this with existing pictures in the pool or newly added pictures. More details.

You can send us an email with links to your stories/posts/blogs/galleries at {1001noisycameras} _at_ [gmail] {dot} [com]. Or if you prefer you can post them in the Comments section right here.

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Tor Hershman said...

Earth Day:
“.....Earth is not a caring, nurturing planet it is a DNA slaughterhouse,” to see where that quote comes from watch the following YouTube film

“The Origin of Jesus Christ”
Parts I & II

Stay on groovin' safari,