Monday, April 21, 2008

First Big Monday launches and 1001 Noisy generates buzz!

Just as we were launching the first Big Monday, we were thrilled to find out we made a Top Five list! Photoshop guru Scott Kelby has posted his Top Five List for everything, a total of 34 different top-five categories, covering digital photography, equipment, books, tutorials, podcasts, and other things too, restaurants included! This noisy blog was included in the Top 5 list for "Five cool blogs you may not have run across yet"! Thanks Scott :)

This was a good day for 1001 Noisy as we were also featured on Digital Pro Talk, in David Ziser's Monday update!. Digital Pro Talk is a great resource for photographers of all experience levels.

Big Monday launches
The idea behind Big Monday is to have one (longer than usual) featured post each Monday. The first Big Monday post was a "state of the nation" recap of the life of Casio EX-F1, Casio's 60fps speed-demon camera/camcorder, and as David Pogue of NYT called it, "time machine".

We also posted a new installment of our on-going soap-opera of the Amazon Best Selling Digital Camera Charts. In today's episode the blue Panasonic TZ5 creates ...waves, while three $1000+ DSLR kits are in the Top 20! Does Amazon take monopoly money as payment?

We are also working on an Earth Day special, which will be posted early tomorrow (or late late tonight). If you have any blog posts, articles, galleries or anything else, we'll be happy to add it to that upcoming post! Update! The first edition of the Earth Day 2008 super-post has gone live!

And a one-word teaser for next week's Big Monday feature: Reviews!

And speaking of reviews, be sure to check the brand new Sigma DP1 review at Photography Blog, and the start of the multi-part shootout featuring the Sigma DP1 and other cameras (eg Olympus E420, Canon 5D) at Serious Compacts.

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