Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Forum Digest: What's hot in the dpreview forums?

Happy Tax Day IRS fans :) And now let's take a look at some of the hottest debates and discussions in the dpreview forums! Please note that some of the threads below are contentious and dramatic, so if you don't want them to sour your good mood, be sure to check the picture-heavy threads right below instead.

If the picture matters...
...then take a look at the Sunday Cat instead :) Also if you like pictures without too many distracting discussions, be sure to check the Sunday flower and the Sunday Bird. And don't forget the weekly wildlife!

Helen of Troy this week
By far the biggest drama of the last few days is the Sigma DP1, more specifically a debate that resembles some of the Congressional debates. The only things missing were motions to proceed and motions to invoke cloture which I'm sure Phil will be implementing any day now :)

At the core of the debate was the amount of criticism the DP1 is receiving from non-proselytized photographers. Meet the Helen of Troy. And no, I'm not channeling Dennis Miller.

The Olympus version of this discussion was not as dramatic. The discussion of course being a comparison of the Sigma DP1 and the Olympus E420 with the new 25mm pancake lens. Syrup not included!

In fact the bickering is now creating pushback, as we have the official anti-bickering thread, which sounds like a great idea, since not everyone enjoys contentious and never-ending debates. Was it the chicken or the egg? The 1 or the 0?

Review discussions
The second Olympus E3 review at Luminous Landscape was a popular topic of discussion in the Olympus forum. But fear not, you don't have to climb a ...mountain to read it, just click on it :) And speaking of the E3, another hot topic is a thread discussing focusing.

And a user-review of the E3 posted in the forums, the first ten days with it.

Meanwhile another forum user takes his Fuji S100fs at the park. As you may recall, the S100fs is the size of a small park animal :)

Crystal Ball
Pull out your Crystal Balls! Get set, ready, go... predict the Panasonic FZ60. As you may recall, Panasonic's last big superzoom was the FZ50, and the FZ60 so far has only appeared in dreams and wishlists. Perhaps if enough people believe in it, it will become real :)

Doom and Gloom
Leica is doomed! Unless of course they listen to the suggestions in the aforementioned thread ;-) Given the recent situation with their CEO, perhaps they would be better off if they followed the Leicaphiles advice instead :)

Pink at ISO 400! Why Fuji F100fd? If that makes no sense, just read the thread :)

Call to Arms
And an expensive one at that! Casiophonics are encouraging fans of the EX-F1 to get one and support Casio. I did my part last month, I supported Casio when I got a $10 Casio watch ;-)

Point of Contention
Should there be a photographic boycott of the Olympics? Perhaps all the photographers can instead go to Tibet and take pictures of life in Tibet and then create one giant book :)

Obligatory full frame discussion
You thought we'd do a forum round-up without mentioning at least one full frame discussion? Well, we will disappoint once again: Samsung full frame sensor and the implications on Pentax, the K-mount, and lens resolution. And timing, and Schneider, and, ...

And the other half of such a debate, I hate 1.5X!

That's all folks!
We could go on for hours and hours, but we have to stop at some point!

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