Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hot Fake Cameras in Japan!

Oh my! DigitalCamera.jp has some exciting fake cameras for all to look at and drool :) They take this to a whole "nuther" level as they provided detailed specs for each fake camera. Or are the manufacturers using this to leak their products? :)

On the Canon front, they present the Canon 1D Mark III RS, which given the autofocus issues may not be a bad idea? :) The RS is an 8mp APS-H speed demon!

Nikon's answer in DreamLand is the dynamic duo of the 24mp Nikon F7 FX and the 10fps 12mp APS Nikon F7H. Dream big :)

Sony meanwhile introduces smile shutter version of its current DSLR line-up. named a350+, a700+, etc. Why wouldn't they? :)

There's also talk of the G-mount, Sigma DP1b, Olympus E52, Fuji S7 Pro, the dreamt about Panasonic LX3 (3/4" 12mp liveMOS sensor), and the Pentax K1, which we also had in our April Fool's Day Fakeathon.

For the complete (fake) details be sure to check digitalcamera.jp (computer-translated).

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