Thursday, April 3, 2008

IDC releases 2007 global numbers (Canon squeeks by Nikon)

The latest IDC numbers for the 2007 calendar year have been posted and Stephen (not Colbert) at CNet's Underexposed presents them in an easy to read format. There we learn that in the global DSLR market, Canon defeated Nikon by about 200,000 DSLR units. This saved the day for Canon, as they had lost the all-important Battle of Japan 2007 to Nikon. For the percentages and hard numbers of Canon and Nikon, as well as the growth rates (big win for Nikon as you can expect) be sure to check the IDC repor(t) summary at CNet.

In late February 2008, we discussed the Nikkei BP 2007 numbers, which did not include DSLRs, but did include overall digital camera numbers.

It is interesting to note that these two data sources are not agreeing on the actual numbers, and that is not a surprise. Unless there is a system where each camera unit is counted (eg Soundscan?) it's hard to expect two different market research firms to have exactly the same numbers.

While Canon and Sony are #1 and #2 in both repor(t)s, the rest of the top six rankings are in disagreement! In the IDC repor(t), Kodak retained the #3 spot, while in the Nikkei BP repor(t), Kodak had dropped to #5.

To see the differences, here is a table of the percentages:

2007 worldwide digital camera market share
RankCompanyNikkei BP Market ShareIDC Market Share
12.everybody else3.3%???
SourceNikkei BPIDC via CNet

Of note, the positions (not percentages) from #7 to #11 are the same in both repor(t)s. The IDC bar chart shows the rankings, but does not list the actual numbers.

Of course we do have to take these repor(t)s with a grain of salt, the IDC Bears predicted that the digital camera market would peak in 2006. Perhaps they'll peak in 2012 right before the world ends? :)

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