Friday, April 18, 2008

Impact Review: Nikon D3 at dpreview!

Yes camera review fans! Your wish came true tonight! There is no longer a need to hold night-long forum vigils! The Nikon D3 review by dpreview has just been posted! This is another duet review, where Phil Askey and Simon Joinson combine to produce a 33-page review of the closest thing to a DSLR Messiah (yes, a Dune reference).

The conclusions are on page 32 but as always we won't be revealing the conclusions as we don't want to introduce any bias to the initial reading of the review. Rumors that a parade in Nikon D3's name is being organized are completely unfounded (or are they?)!

The review has been added to the DSLR Review Matrix, where reviews of current and recent DSLRs are clustered together in one giant page.

For more of our coverage on the dynamic D3/D300 duo, be sure to check the 38+ posts tagged as Nikon D3/D300 mania. Yes, there have been cases of photographers fainting at the sight of a Nikon D3! And there was a big crowd at the airport when the first shipment of Nikon D3 arrived in NYC! (just kidding of course).

Reactions to the review
As the forum readers are starting to digest the new 33-page review, discussions are building up momentum in the dpreview forums. Here is one discussing the review. Another forum user has an issue and Phil Askey responds! Also Simon Joinson lets forum fan-addicts know that a Canon 1D Mark III comparison will be added next week.

And what do Canon forum users think of the D3 review? Find out! And some objections. Meanwhile Sony users are more concerned with their upcoming full frame camera (A900).

The recent firmware update is also a topic of discussion, at the moment actually generating more buzz than the review itself. That, along of course with the Nikon D3X firmware leak.

And is there a migration from the Land of the Canonites to the Land of the Nikonites? One big enough for the history books?

And the most important issue of all, is it Nye-kon or Nee-kon?

PS> Needless to say after reading the review, I am going to give away all five hundred of my Nikon D3 units and replace them with Hello Kitty QVGA DZ100X snappers! You see I was hoping there was a picture of a cat on the Nikon D3 body, and the dpreview review was my last best hope for this being the case :(


Alwin said...

Some of the comments left by fanboys are so hilarious - they border on slavish worship more typical of religious fanatics. I often wonder if they masturbate while cradling their favorite cameras (or camera spec sheets in case they don't own the cameras they are so devoted to).

Anonymous said...


Let's not forget that this is dpreview which a plethora flame baiting, over analyzing, science worshiping, and irrelevant banter. Great site, craptastic forum.

1001 noisy cameras said...

The latest and great digital cameras tend to generate a wide range of reactions. Indeed a certain percentage exhibits patterns of behavior similar to those of religious fanatics or soccer hooligans/fanatics :)