Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Inside 1001 Noisy: How we publish our posts

Today we will share our revolutionary five step approach to delivering a new blog post, going from idea to published blog post, in a flash.

We start with pen and a notepad, and scribble blog post ideas. Once we have found a topic, we write a brief outline. Then we switch to pencil and larger paper, and we start writing the post, in multiple iterations. We usually use a gentle eraser, as we don't want to scratch the paper or make it unreadable.

Once the blog post is complete, we hand the hand-written article to our secretary, who types it up using the typewriter. After the article is typed nicely, the secretary faxes the blog post to our internet secretary.

The internet secretary takes the fax, and types the post into an email and sends it to our blogging secretary.

Then the blogging secretary prints the email, and types the article into a blog post. After that the blog post is saved as draft, and after a brief review, it gets published!

And just like that, in five easy steps, we go from rough idea to completed and published blog post! We take great pride in our revolutionary five-step approach.


amin said...

I was wondering how you get the hot news published with such astonishing speed!

I am particularly impressed with the work of your secretary on the Noisy Newsroom. That typewriter must be smoking.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Yes, it's all in the super-efficient five-step process! And on top of that the typewriter is using soy-inks so it is environmentally friendly :)