Thursday, April 17, 2008

Introducing 1001 Noisy Donations!

It has been a year since 1001 Noisy Cameras was launched! One year later, and more than 1000 posts (yes, one thousand posts), we are celebrating the one year anniversary of this noisy blog! Here is the first post, on April 18, 2007. Many things have changed over and over in this blog, perhaps explained by this line from the original post: "Everything in this blog is a work in progress and subject to change (hopefully improved)"!

So to mark the one year anniversary, and one thousand posts, we are launching 1001 Noisy Donations! We have posted enough content out there that we think it is reasonable now to offer our readers the option to reward us for our efforts with their donations. We like to call these "donscriptions". We are surprised no one else came up with that term before? Donscription is a voluntary donation in lieu of a subscription.

We have chosen to use the Amazon Honor System for our donations, because it has the following benefits:
1) The transactions are processed by Amazon's infrastructure
2) Donations are made anonymously so all we see is the donation amount and donation date. Amazon handles the transactions. This is different from PayPal, which is a peer-to-peer transaction.
3) If you change your mind, you can always back out of the donation within seven days. So impulse-donors are protected from themselves :)
4) Here are the details on the Amazon Honor system.

How do Donations practically help this blog?
Our biggest cost in bringing you this blog at the moment is time, call it opportunity cost if you like. We spend countless hours per week on this blog. Think of a busy blog as a nano-IPO, eventually it has to start paying its bills :)

Donations also encourage us to continue avoiding the following distracting methods of monetization. These are typically effective monetization methods, but they are not user-friendly and a lot of readers find them annoying, distracting and frustrating, so we are avoiding them:
1) Flash ads
2) Multimedia ads
3) audio ads
4) full-page ads
5) paid reviews and paid posts
6) in-content random keyword ads
7) in-content contextual ads
8) traditional pop-up ads
9) distracting/flashing/noisy ads
10) limiting ads that are not directly related to our core topics
11) snakes and ladders (you may have seen some blogs where you can't easily find the actual text as it twists around ads that are intentionally formatted in the same manner)

We are also providing a full-text feed of this blog, so you can read it with your favorite news-readers, be they online (Google Reader, Bloglines, NewsGator, etc), desktop (NetNewsWire, FeedDemon, etc) or wireless.

The obligatory Donate Now
Yes, if you like this blog and want to support this blog, you can donate now, or later or never :) This blog depends on readers like you!

Please note that donations are not tax-deductible. And for the speed-readers out there, here is a repeat, donations are not tax-deductible.

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