Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Meet the new Ricoh G600 tough cookie camera

Yet another camera jumps to the 10mp 1/2.3" sensor, a very good friend of the marketing people because it offers double-digit megapixels.

Some Pho-Cred: A welcome feature is the Hot Shoe which allows external flashes to be attached. Also the camera has an optional wide conversion lens that gives a 22mm equivalent focal length.

The tough-cookie (tough, rugged, water-proof, shock-proof, dustproof, pixie-dust-proof, etc) has a 5x optical zoom lens that thrills fans of wide angle as it starts at 28mm equivalent (28-140mm 35mm eq).

The LCD is 2.7" (230K) which is a decent size considering it has to comply with all the tough-cookie requirements in this class. The camera is powered by a LiIon battery but kudos to Ricoh for giving it more versatility by also making the camera able to use AAA batteries. That's right, triple-A (AAA), not double-A (AA).

According to Ricoh Japan (computer-translated), the initial monthly production output is set at just 5,000 units per month.

The price is 350 UK pounds for the UK, and 100,000 yen in Japan with a mid-May planned release date. So far no news as to whether this will be released in the USA market. Given the initial production output mentioned above, don't expect to be able to find this easily.

The G600 has been added to the giant list of 2008 digital camera models. Over 100 new models from the major manufacturers have been announced this year. And wide-angle is one of the defining trends of 2008!

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