Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Amazon Top Sellers Charts (the Pentax surprise)

We have just posted a brand new edition of the Amazon Top Seller Digital Camera Charts Soap Opera. And since it's been eight days since the previous update, we've had some exciting movements.

It is very interesting to note how sensitive the market is to price changes. Cameras that go up a few dollars drop, cameras that go down a few dollars climb up! Let The Market speak! ;)

The biggest surprise in this edition was the glorious jump of the Pentax A30, offered for the very tempting price of just $188.

Here is a screenshot teaser. Click on the picture for the complete Top 25 snapshot.

That's right, someone other than Canon has managed to crack the Top 10, which has been a Canon monopoly in the last few days centuries. Which clearly tells retailers and manufacturers: If you discount them, they will come!

And a good example of that is the Panasonic TZ3K jumping back in the Top 25, as it is now offered by J&R World for $200! And we believe this is the reason why the TZ5 models have dropped a bit. Getting a fun zoom like the TZ3 for $200 is a great bang for the buck, making it a good camera choice for the R-word (r*c*ssion).

Meanwhile outside the Top 25 some new cameras are buzzing around, such as the Sony Cybershot S730, the Canon SD890-IS and the Canon Digital Rebel XSi on the strength of its pre-orders even.

If you are a fan of The Charts feature be sure to check our previous 47 installments, covering a variety of online retailers, such as Amazon, Adorama, B&H Photo, OneCall. We are also planning to have the debut of Calumet later in the week.

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