Thursday, April 3, 2008

News from Japan: Sony Exmor camcorder, Film Woes, Fuji release and price hikes

There's a variety of stories of interest at the computer-translated Nothing groundbreaking, so you won't spill your coffee on your keyboard, but of interest (at least to some) anyway!

The Exmor sensors are making their way to actual products. While the new handy-cam camcorder, the Sony HDR-TG1 is only using a 1/5" 2.36 megapixel CMOS sensor, it is an Exmor sensor, which perhaps can whet the appetite of Sony fans anxiously waiting for the Sony Alpha A900 flagship DSLR later this year using the new 25mp Exmor CMOS sensor. Computer-translated details from Sony Japan on the Sony HDR-TG1 memorystick-camcorder.

Meanwhile some sad news for film fans, CIPA is discontinuing their monthly reports on "silver salt camera production charts". While not a death knell to film by any means, it's yet another sign of the shape of things to come that came in the world of silver salt (film).

Meanwhile Fujifilm is announcing a price hike ranging from 20% to 25% in Japan for large format lenses. The reason given is increased lens demand due to "digitalization" and decreased supply.

Fuji finally announced the Fuji F20fd in Japan, going on sale for 28,000 yen in mid-April. The F20fd was already announced world-wide in late January 2008, but Fuji likes to mix and match different models in different markets at different times.

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Noons said...

Exactly where is the news that CPA discontinued the reports on film cameras?

Their website has figures up to date and all it says is that they will use from now on actual shipments instead of forecasts.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks for the comment. That is one of the side-effects of computer-translated text :)

It says: "As for the silver salt camera production quantity of 2008 January becomes in fact last release "
I rely on the computer-translators, so if they get it wrong, I get it wrong too :)