Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Noisy Situation Room (D300 price drop, EX-F1 reviewed and more)

You are in the Noisy Situation Room with your host Volf Blidzor! At this hour, the Nikon D300 is generating waves at Amazon, the price dropped by almost $100 dollars. Right now, the D300 is $1710 at Amazon, sold and shipped by Amazon itself.

Meanwhile, David Pogue of the New York Times managed to beat all the other reviewers by posting his hands-on review of the highly anticipated Casio EX-F1. Coverage of this story from earlier today at RAWsumer. And here is the direct link to David Pogue's EX-F1 review. The EX-F1 is still two weeks away from a US release according to Pogue, but that hasn't stopped a number of eBay sellers from offering the EX-F1 on eBay as a Japanese import. The prices start at $1250.

We compared the latest IDC numbers posted at CNet, with the Nikkei BP numbers. The top two spots in the overall market are the same, but the two repor(t)s differ on spots #3 through #6. They both agree on which companies are #7 through #11. This is for the overall digital camera market.

Earlier today, we had a round-up of news from Japan. Nothing ground-breaking but they might be of interest to fans of Sony, Fuji, film cameras, and the large format.

For more news and tidbits, be sure to check our Noisy Newsroom. The stories there are broken down in three categories, "Hot Topics", "Latest Reviews", and "RAWsumers". We are also featuring a stream of the latest news from the Imaging Insider which is currently in Europe on assignment.

And before we go, a message to all the Pentaxians from OK1000: Saturday is global Pentaxium Shoot day. So grab your Pentax cameras and shoot shoot shoot!

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