Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Noisy Agenda: April 2008

This post is a rough outline for some of the things to expect in the month of April 2008 here at 1001 Noisy Cameras. But this is by no means a contract, since a lot of what we post depends on the latest new cameras and latest rumoralia and such. We couldn't post it yesterday, since it was April Fool's day :)

The Noisy ToDo List

  • Increased coverage of lenses as we promised a few moons ago
  • Catch up with the latest reviews in the DSLR Review Matrix
  • Catch up with the latest reviews in the Power Compacts review matrix
  • Add more cameras to the SuperZoom Review Matrix
  • Post weekly summaries on a regular *cough* weekly *cough* basis
  • Improve the newly launched Noisy Newsroom. We can't promise to deliver Wolf Blitzer or Jack Cafferty, but we are in contract negotiations with Volf Blidzor and Jacques Kaffertie ;-)
  • More content at RAWsumer, time permitting
  • At least one episode of the Amazon Camera Charts per week. More if there is enough "movement".
  • Launch 1001 Noisy Donscriptions!
  • This is only a partial list, there's more that we are not publishing for various reasons.

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