Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Noisy at Nite: Lots of reviews, more Price Charts coming up

Breaking Shopping News
We interrupt the Noisy at Nite feature with a shopping update. We just noticed that the Sony A100 with the 18-200 DT lens is sold by B&H Photo for $700. This is known as the A100H kit. The lens alone goes for around $460, valuing the DSLR at around $250. Ideal for those who are interested in an additional Alpha-mount body and want the 18-200 lens at the same time. We do not currently have the A100 listed in the DSLR Review Matrix. It will be added eventually though.

Reviews galore
Lots of new reviews have been posted the last few days, be sure to check them out in the Reviews category of the Noisy Newsroom. There you will also find the latest hot topics, educational topics (under Edu) and lots more. And a couple of reviews not listed there, the buzzworthy Panasonic FX35 and the if-only-it-had-RAW Nikon P5100, both at Photography Review.

Price Charts is the theme of the week
We are taking snapshots of the latest DSLR prices in a new feature, the DSLR Price Charts. We started with the Nikon mount DSLRs, and continued today with the Canon mount DSLRs. Sony-Minolta-Alpha will be posted on Thursday morning, and Four Thirds and K-mount are coming later on. We hate to break Sigma-Foveon fans hearts, but with just one DSLR (and barely available at that), we are not going to have a Sigma mount price chart.

Save those pennies!
Nine hundred ninety nine pennies ($9.99) can get you a Kodak 68" Go Anywhere monopod, sold by 47th Street Photo on Amazon. There are ten user reviews of that monopod on Amazon, with an average rating of five stars.

Feed your LBA hunger with the Tamron 28-80 f3.5-5.6 lens, the Pentax flavor, going for around $53 on Amazon, either directly or by Cameta.

And with all the savings from the thrifty purchases above, you can spend them the balance of your "allowance" on a nice Mother's Day Digital Camera Gift :)

Closing Thoughts: The Insiders
We'd like to thank Scott Kelby of Photoshop Insider for featuring this blog in their latest update!

For wide-angle-view news from the world of photography and imaging, be sure to check the Imaging Insider.

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