Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Noisy Buzz, Reader's Choice (2008 edition)

With 100+ new cameras in 2008, it is time to update our Noisy Buzz list of digital cameras. We will do this in an interactive manner, we will pick some of the cameras, and let our readers decide the remaining models in the list! We will have two lists, one for DSLRs (and rangefinder) and one for fixed-lens digital cameras.

The DSLR Noisy Buzz List
* Nikon D300 and D3
* Canon 40D, Digital Rebel XSi (450D), 1D Mark III
* Sony Alpha A350
* Pentax K20D, K200D
* Olympus E420, E3
* Leica M8 (rangefinder)
* Four spots remaining - you decide in the poll right below!

This is an open multiple choice poll, so you can vote for as many models as you like. The top four vote-getters will be added to the Noisy Buzz List.

Please note that we are only including actual products, so "mythical" cameras like the Sony Alpha A900, Olympus E520, or Sigma SD15 are not included since they are not "real" yet.

The Fixed-Lens Camera Noisy Buzz List
* Canon G9
* Casio EX-F1
* Fuji S100fs, F31fd
* Panasonic FZ50, LX2, TZ3
* Ricoh GX100
* Sigma DP1
* Six spots remaining, you decide in the poll right above!

Similarly, we have picked nine fixed-lens digital cameras that we think are generating buzz in the market at the moment. There are six open spots, and those will be decided by you, the readers-voters!

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