Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Noisy Situation Room: TZ50, MemoryStick Mark II, D300 special and more

Welcome to another edition of the Noisy Situation Room with your host Volf Blidzor!

At this hour, Panasonic officially announces the TZ50 wireless, a camera closely related to the recently announced Lumix TZ5 and TZ4.

The Japan bureau of talks about MemoryStick Mark II going on sale in Japan this weekend. How close to reality are the claims of 2X in performance? We don't know, but time will tell.

In the markets, the Nikon Exchange is hot with buzz of the Nikon D300 trading for $1675 at Is this a new low for the D300? Will that cause a feeding frenzy?

Our retailer correspondent, Ms Spend Z Alot reports that the Canon BG-E5 battery grip for the brand new Canon Digital Rebel XSi is the hottest item in the Amazon Photo department, currently going for $160.

Nikon D3X? That mythical name? Well the name is not mythical any more as it was "discovered" in the digital dungeons of Nikon. Story via the Imaging Insider.

Meanwhile, our internet correspondent is now ready to reveal a revolutionary process for publishing your posts online in just five easy steps!

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