Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Now shipping: Olympus SP570uz

Superzoom fans we have some good news, the Olympus SP-570uz is shipping from various places, and the good news is that the price is quite lower than the list price! For a refresher on the SP-570uz, be sure to check our announcement coverage in late January 2008, which feels like an eternity ago, even though it was just three months ago!

If you did better than expected in your taxes, then you can "reward" yourself with a lovely Olympus SP-570uz super-hyper-zoom! The price is $440 at Amazon, Adorama, and B&H Photo. Speaking of, both Adorama and B&H Photo will be closed for Passover between April 18 and 27, 2008. So plan your orders ahead of time, if they are urgent, click now, if not, plan for April 28, 2008 or later :)

We haven't yet found any actual reviews of the SP-570uz. We do not count rehashing of the press release or marketing materials as reviews. It looks like the shippers might have beaten the reviewers in this case?

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