Thursday, April 24, 2008

Panasonic TZ5 buzz, Canon DSLRs gone wild (today's Amazon Top Seller Camera Charts)

If you missed the previous edition, be sure to check it out. Today's headlines: Canon DSLRs gone wild, and the Panasonic TZ5 gets a dpreview review bump!

We have a bonus today, not only the Top 25, but we also filled in the Top 60. And surprise-surprise Sigma DP1 fans, the DP1 is in the Top 100! Check it out!

We also have our obligatory screen-shot teaser, showing the Canon DSLRs going wild!

Opinionated pseudo-analysis

Canon dSLRs going wild: Oh my, the two Canon 40D kits are selling as if they were $300 Elph/Ixus/Ixy models. What are they feeding the Amazon shoppers? Did they get their tax refund checks already? Or are they Exxon-Mobil shareholders? ;-) This is an interesting thing to observe, while the Nikon D3/D300 duo is winning the "buzz wars", Canon's affordably priced 40D and the new rebellious XSi (450D) are boosting the Canon market share.

Who would have thought that Canon's 2008 election platform would include affordability? Also of interest the two older D-Rebels are pulling back a bit, as the new XSi makes its way into the hearts, minds, wallets, and camera bags of photographers. The XSi of course was a Rebel in that it broke into the spec-sheets of the more expensive Canon DSLRs and stole some of their features ;-)

Panasonic TZ5 dpreview-review-bump: Yes, the Highly Recommended just (pun intended) managed to give the TZ5 a boost as we now have two TZ5 colors in the Top 25. That's right, the blue version is at #15, and the black version made its Top 25 debut at #24. See it all in the new Top 25+. However, the popularity and sub-$300 pricing of the TZ5, and the TZ4 going under $250 have had their side-effects, as the lovely TZ3 is losing ground but also gaining in price. Is the dpreview-review bump as strong as the Colbert-bump?

Kodak breaks the Canon monopoly: Yes, the top ten is usually the house that Canon built, but in this edition, the super-cheap $75 C613 managed to sneak into the Top 10 and break Canon's monopoly. So much for Kodak's press release that they are "exiting the entry-level market". I am assuming the VP or executive who issued that press release is fired Leica-style by now? ;-)

Sigma DP1 in the Top 100: Yes Sigma DP1 fans, let the parties begin! An $800 camera from a lens-maker manages to make the Top 100 despite the systematic campaign by the CaNikon haterz to belittle it and marginalize it! Let the pictures speak for themselves! Enjoy the Foveon colors while the Bayer fanboys spend their long nights post-processing their dull Bayer colors ;-) This paragraph is brought to you by the Sigma DP1 fan club ;-)

DSLRs in the Top 100 Okay, now that we got the Sigma loonies out of the way, we can talk about real cameras ;-) Two Canon 5D kits are at the bottom of the Top 100 where we also find the Pentax K20D body only. Meanwhile the Nikon D60 is not moving as fast as thought it would move. Perhaps Nikon needs to be taught a focus-motor lesson! But on the other hand, the D300 with the 18-200 DX VR lens is in the top 60, while the body only is just outside the Top 25. At #26 for a $1750 DSLR! Not bad at all. In fact it's amazing! The $1700 price level was what got it in the Top 25, and once the price went up, the D300 started falling as expected. This paragraph is brought to you by the SLR Traditionalists fan club ;-)

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