Friday, April 25, 2008

Photography Soup (Friday Avril 25 2008)

Yes, that was not a typo, but an homage to our french-speaking viewers :)

There is a new Sigma DP1 review, and it was written by one of the most highly thought after writers! Thoreau came out of centuries of retirement to write a new Sigma DP1 review. And the Sigma SLR Talk dpreview forum was ready to discuss this historic review.

CNet Asia Crave has a sneak peek at Photokina 2008. For our on-going Photokina 2008 soap-opera special, be sure to check the Photokina 2008 Rumoralia.

Looking for a bandwagon to jump on? Consider the Fuji F45fd, a gun metal gray color version of the F40fd, on sale for $105 after a $75 mail-in rebate at Ritz/Wolf cameras online and in-stores. This was so good we had to start wall to wall coverage of the Fuji F45fd.

Those who may have temporarily seen a "Reader's Choice" post, we have to temporarily put it in draft because we were having some technical difficulties to make it work as we thought it would work. Stay tuned for more details later on!

Do you like FREE? We do! Moose Peterson, one of the gurus out there, is offering a free edition of his 28-page BT Journal. Volume 72 is available as a free download. The journal is a quarterly publication, with an annual $28 subscription. And what does "B and T" stand for? We won't tell!

Nikonians of the world unite and take over! Or at least predict the next new Nikon lens. My prediction? A 2-20000mm DX VR AF-S ED lens (with 1nm macro) for just $499 :)

We can't post a new Photography Soup every few hours, but we can update the Noisy Newsroom with new stories. This has 70+ stories powered by the Google Reader. If that is just too much, we also pick ten stories only, this feature powered by del.ic.ious.

Strobist, the lighting blog, is discussing a new lighting book hitting the market, "Minimalist Lighting: Professional Techniques for Location Photography". Check Strobist for more details!

And speaking of lighting, Chase Jarvis has written a Dear Light Meter post. Oh what did he write? What did he write?

If you are getting a significant chunk of your income from photography, you are likely behaving like a small business, even if it is a one-person show, so keeping some best business practices in mind is always helpful. And with that preface, we present part IV of the on-going series "How to keep your clients coming back" at David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk.

Did you know that Fred Miranda, the guy behind the popular FM Forums, was actually a male model and a bodybuilder? I hope that doesn't affect his "pho cred" :) What's next? Phil Askey was actually Jason Donovan? And Thom Hogan is actually Hulk Hogan? ;-)

And why are there not any female photography gurus? Where are they? Let us know where to find them! I sense another glass ceiling waiting to be shuttered!

This is a teaser headline! But CNet Asia is not talking about Casio EX-F1, but F1 cars. You know, those things that are ruining the Earth every single nanosecond they are operating :) Oh my! When did we become enviro-wackos? Someone must have spiked our coffee with wheatgrass/chlorophyll shots ;-)

How about an Apple Conspiracy Theory? Scott Kelby has more!

You can listen to the radio on your computer these days we am told. And if you have one listening hour to spare, Shutterbug Radio is a weekly one-hour show. If you have five minutes to spare, read this blog instead ;-)

UK Pentaxians, Samsung has announced a cashback promotion on the Samsung GX20, which is a near-clone of the Pentax K20D.

Not enough stories? Check the Imaging Insider for more!

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