Monday, April 7, 2008

Photography Soup (Monday, April 7, 2008)

Welcome to another edition of our not-so-daily daily round-up :) This will be a relatively short edition (or so we think).

The Reviews!
A new wave of review was posted in the last few hours, highlighted perhaps by the Canon 1DS Mark III review we featured yesterday.

But that was not the only DSLR getting some spotlight! Camera Labs gave the Sony A350 a workout, and Let's Go did not rest on their laurels, but instead posted a Canon 450D gallery, in anticipation no doubt of an upcoming review.

Meanwhile if you are a fan of review-sites that publish a plan of their reviews ahead of time, be sure to check the latest DC Resource review plan. They'll be busy until Photokina it seems :)

NEW! But wait there's more! Dpreview has posted a duo of Olympus Digital Zuiko lens reviews! That's right, dpreview has stormed into the lens review business. First up, the lovely 12-60mm f2.8-4 SWD ED. And no blue pills necessarily for the Olympus ED :) Then they review the new kit lens, the adorably small 14-42mm f3.5-5.6. Both lenses are compatible with Four Thirds DSLRs, and are not compatible with old OM/35mm full frame Olympus film SLRs.

Into the Soup
If you missed any of our previous 122 installments of the Photography Soup be sure to check them all out, in reverse chronological order. Unlike LOST, there is no hatch, no polar bears, and no smoke-monster ;-)

Around the Net
Congratulations to Chase Jarvis as his blog was selected as a Blogger Blog of Note!

The Nikonians take a look at the Masters. Don't get too excited Doctor Who fans, it's about Golf photography :)

Planning a road trip in the southwest? The Arizona Highways may be a good guide! Planning a photography-themed trip over there? The AZ Highways has a book for that too! And Photography Bay has reviewed the Arizona Highways Photography Guide!. Find out what they found out!

Noisy Shopper Express: Canon Duet
J&R World has two Canon specials! First up, the silver edition of the Canon Digital Rebel XTi DSLR, body only, for $520 and with free shipping. Oh my! The XSi (450D) and competitive market pressure are clearly causing price drops as this was around $550 a few days ago. The XTi is the 400D, while the XT is the 350D and the Original is the 300D.

The 400D/XTi is not currently listed in the DSLR Review Matrix, our cluster of DSLR reviews compressed in a single page. It will be among the first cameras added when we do our next major update to the MATRIX later this month.

Zoom! Zoom! While everybody else is jumping around to 15x, 18x and 20x, Canon has remained quiet with the Canon S5 IS being their "latest" superzoom at 12X. The price is $310 at J&R World.

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