Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Photography Soup (Wedn April 23, 2008)

Welcome to a new edition of the Photography Soup. Today's episode is broken in two four parts, a recap of our recent blogathon, an update on the Serious Compacts shootout, stories from around the net, and a one-day Eneloop special at Amazon.

1001 Noisy Revisited
Our Earth Day extravaganza is now over! But if have anything you want added, just let us know. Earth Day is every day! Of the fifty stories we posted in that special, the most popular one so far is Russ Roca, the Bicycling Photographer of Long Beach.

Rumors that M*cr*s*ft has made a three medium pizza offer to buy this blog are completely unfounded! We say no to Mr B*llm*r unless the negotiations start at four medium unlimited topping pizzas and two Oreo pizzas!

You may already be familiar with our jam-packed Noisy Newsroom with 70+ story links compressed in a single page. If that is too much, we have a new experimental ten stories only feature, powered by del.ic.ious.

Meanwhile our Big Monday feature was launched with a Casio EX-F1 state of the nation recap. More on the EX-F1 at Seibu One.

And a one-word teaser for our next Big Monday feature for Monday April 28: reviews! We'll say no more :)

The SeriousCompacts Sigma DP1 shootout is under way!
The highly anticipated Serious Compacts shootout is underway! The first shootout covers dynamic range, with the Sigma DP1 going up against the pancake'd Olympus E420 and the Canon 5D. Enjoy the Dynamic range shootout.

The second shootout tackles landscapes, where the DP1 and the 5D and E420 are competing. Lots of pictures there used as examples

And for those not familiar with the SC shootout, be sure to read the introduction.

Around the Internets
The Casio EX-F1 has just gotten another review in its name, at Luminous Landscape. And just like Pogue, they cite HG Wells and call it a "time machine"!

Ricoh has introduced a new rugged and tough-cookie digital camera, the new G600, which starts at 28mm wide and uses the new 10mp 1/2.3" sensor. The G600 has been added to the list of all new cameras of 2008.

Discover new photographers! Check out the Daily Aperture! Please note there's lots of pictures on the front page if you are on a slow(er) internet connection.

If you are in the business of mailing stuff to your customers, make a note of the postal price changes, effective May 12, 2008! And don't forget that you can get "forever" stamps that are always good for a first-class mail letter.

The Canon EF 200mm F2L IS USM lens will go on sale in Japan on April 30, for 850,000 yen, according to computer-translated

A new review for the Olympus SP-570uz has been posted, this time by high-tech blog Crunch Gear. This is an experiential type review, do not expect a 30-page dpreview-style review. Only dpreview produces 30-page dpreview-style reviews after all.

The Panasonic TZ5 fun zoom review by dpreview has sparked a nice discussion with over 100 posts!

Sony Japan has finally made the Japanese market announcements for the Cybershot W300 (yes, the 14mp one), H50 (the superzoom) and W110 (the entry level). These were announced in late February (W300, H50) and January (W110) globally. Japanese details at (computer-translated). There we also learn that Canon is celebrating 40 million EF lenses produced. How many of those were L? And does L stand for Learning? :-)

Loops over Eneloops?
Before we go, there is a nice deal for fans of Sanyo Eneloop batteries. This one at Amazon. This is the Eneloop Travel Power Pack, shown below which includes a compact charger, four (4) Eneloop AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries, two (2) eneloop AAA batteries, 2C Spacers and 2D Spacers (to use in-lieu of C or D size batteries), and the lovely case you see in the picture below. The charger is worldwide voltage says the product description.

According to the specs it charges 2 AA in 4 Hours and 2 AAA in 2 Hours. Please note this charger charges two batteries at a time. It would have been nicer if it was a four-battery-at-a-time charger. Are you listening Sanyoloop? :)

This is a one-day Gold Box price good only for today, Wednesday, until 11:59pm pacific time. And as always shopping through this blog supports this blog!

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