Monday, April 21, 2008

Price Rules once again, DSLRs buzz, Panasonic TZ5A sonic booms (the Amazon Camera Charts)

Welcome to the Monday edition of the Amazon Top Seller Digital Camera Charts! If you missed last week's episode be sure to catch up with the action. We will also have a mid-week update on Thursday, so check back again. But first, let's see what happened on Monday!

There were three main themes in this update, price changes were linked with moves up and down (a master of the obvious observation perhaps?), the Panasonic TZ5A (TZ5 blue) had a sonic-boom as it jumped all the way to #12 (thank you low price of $275 via 3rd party sellers), and the DSLRs were busy buzzing towards the bottom of the Top 25. And we are not talking about low priced DSLRs here! Check the new Top 25+.

Here is a screenshot teaser, showing the DSLR Buzzing activity

It is indeed quite fascinating that there are three $1000+ DSLR kits in the Top 20! Does Amazon accept monopoly money? Why wasn't I informed? The $210 difference between the two 40D kits is also splitting the buyers almost along the middle. For an extra $210 you can get the EF 28-135 lens. And a lot of people seem to be doing so!

The other thing we are always watching is whether anyone other than Canon has Top 10 cameras. Yes, Amazon shoppers look like they are members of the Canon fan club :) 21 out of the 25 cameras in the Top 25 are Canons! Why does Amazon attract Canon fans? Is it the prices? Is it the atmosphere? What is it? What is it?

This time we have the Kodak C513 at #11 and the Panasonic TZ5 blue at #12 thanks to a lower than usual price. This also creates some danger for the Canon Powershot S5-IS, danger of losing its Top SuperZoom designation, a title it held ever since we started this chart-soap-opera, and probably a long time before that too!

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