Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You can add your favorite stories directly to the Noisy Situation Room!

In an attempt to make this blog more interactive, we have just added a Reader's Choice segment in the Noisy Situation Room. You, the readers, can directly pick the stories that will appear in the Reader's Choice box! The Reader's Choice box is at the top of the right column in the Noisy Situation Room.

You can do this in just three easy steps.

  1. Find a story you like or you wrote
  2. Submit it to and give it the additional tag of "1001nc" which stands for 1001 noisy cameras.
  3. In just a few minutes up to a few hours depending on the state of the internet, the new story tagged "1001nc" will appear in the Reader's Choice box in the Noisy Situation Room.

We start with five stories, and will increase them as this feature picks up steam. We have made this process as reader-friendly as possible since your favorite stories will appear almost immediately. With that comes responsibility, please use this feature responsibly :) If this feature gets abused, we do have a plan "B" in place.

If you are not familiar with del.ic.ious, you can get started quickly by looking at their help pages.

If you have any questions, just let us know via comment or email!

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