Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rumors Wars: Canon vs Nikon

Even when it comes to rumors, there is Canon vs Nikon rivalry. Rumors from both camps are swirling, and fighting for the spotlight! It's that competitive! Even the rumors!

Please note that this post is full of rumors, speculation, wishful thinking, dreams, nightmares, and who knows what else! None of these are official announcements from Nikon or Canon!

Nikon D90 Rumors
A big thread on the Nikon D90 including commentary from Nikon guru Thom Hogan in the dpreview Nikon forums.

This small thread has post-D300-review-D90 speculation.

Nikon D3X Rumors
Amateur Photographer UK tried to get an answer from Nikon UK but got the usual non-committal response.

This thread discusses the potential Nikon D3X MSRP. Speculation, conjecture and wishful thinking of course, nothing official from Nikon.

Another one discusses D3X pig-in-a-poke pre-orders.

What are the advantages of 24 megapixels? So we can dream about the D3X in more concrete terms ;-)

But it's never too early for disappointment! Yes, there is Nikon D3X disappointment! Oh my!

Thom Hogan's estimated guess for the announcement of new Nikons has generated buzz on the internets, featured at Nikon Watch, Photography Bay, and many other sites/blogs/forums!

Canon 5D Mark II Rumors
Discussions of the Canon Germany leak continue. Was it real? Was it a hoax?

Another "in the know" forum user has a correction on the rumored 5D Mark II autofocus specs.

This site said that the 5D Mark II could have been announced on Tuesday. It was April 22, do you know where your 5DMk2 is?

This thread is tracking the performance of rumor-posters in the forums!

This thread wonders where have the rumor threads gone? Perhaps in the dark space between NDA and Canon Wrath? :)

Previous Rumoralia
Before this wave of rumoralia, there was plenty more, including our recent Canon 5D Mark II round-up, as well as the early 2008 Nikon D3X rumoralia.

For even more rumoralia, be sure to visit and bookmark our on-going Photokina 2008 Rumors and Speculation post. It is currently light on speculation, but it's a little too early for that :) Our 2007 Fauxtokina speculations went out of control, and we had to break them into pieces.


Alwin said...

Pre-order for a non-existent camera? A fool and his gold are about to part.

1001 noisy cameras said...

LOL :)

But on a practical level it reserves a place in line. Assuming of course the pre-order doesn't require a deposit!